UHP Technology Pte Ltd is equipped with the latest equipment and facilities for carrying out construction, maintenance and fabrication projects.

5 sets    Arc Machine
13 sets    Orbital Welding Machine
2 sets    Agru SP110 Plastic Welding Machine – PFA, PVDF, PP
2 sets    GF Plastic Welding Machine – PVDF, PP
2 sets    Widos Welding Machine
4 sets    Thermal Plastic Welding Machine (Hot Plate)
3 sets    Thermal Plastic Installation Tools
10 sets    TIG Welding Tools
10 sets    Pipe Fitting Tools
28 sets    Tube Cutters
71 sets    Pipe Benders
12 sets    Facing/Deburring Tools
5 sets    Purge Manifold
2 sets    Heater