80% of our staff are stationed on-site. All on-site personnel have sound engineering knowledge, good interaction skills and rich professional experience. Our on-site welders' experience range from 3 to 12 years. All welders at UHP Technology Pte Ltd are OEM-trained and possess welding certificates. To ensure the quality of our workers and familiarization with our local regulation & procedure, we enrolled them in Government supported Institute of Technical Education (ITE) for both Stainless Steel and Plastic training. The Institute is widely recognized by our local Engineering & Semiconductor Industries. The training involved welding for Stainless Steel - orbital, hand weld & Arc, for Plastic - PVDF, PP & PFA and QA check for fabricated unit. For specify industries, we have certified SETCOs welders as well.

This talented and skilled team has always been the impetus for the improvement of the company.